About Us

Founded in 1998, we are a Canadian designer and manufacturer of specialized anti-theft alarms for use with audio visual equipment, desktop computers, and related peripherals.

Sonic Shock alarms are used extensively world wide by universities, colleges, hospitals, military and public facilities, as well as a wide range of commercial enterprises ranging through hotels, condo corporations, restaurants, factories to general offices.

We manufacture our product in Canada using components and materials sourced in Canada, the U.S., Taiwan, India, and China.

Contact Sonic Shock Corporation

Contact Sonic Shock Corporation

Sales, service, and other queries:

Email, believe it or not, is actually the fastest way to reach us.

In North America: + 1 888 288 7078
Worldwide: + 1 905 597 2068

If this is an EMERGENCY, please see the note below.

The fastest way to reach the individual experienced to deal with your request is to contact us by email at sales@sonicshock.com 

6 Green Ash Crescent
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 3R9

Alarm sounding, but no key?

The reason people call us with desperate urgency at 2:00 AM is because someone has triggered their alarm, but they don't have a key.

There is nothing we can immediately do – we have no secret back door to this device. Please see go to specific service page here.

Anti-theft alarms / locks that stop theft of TVs, projectors, and computers / PCs / iMacs

We make small LOUD anti-theft alarms that thwart, frustrate, and stop theft of TV's / televisions, projectors and PCs / computers / iMacs. Sonic Shock anti-theft alarms are deployed by commercial users world wide – universities, colleges, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, business centers, and community centers. Sonic Shock anti-theft alarms are not only proven more effective than locks, cables, or tie downs, they also spare your site from unsightly cables, locks, or chains that tell your customers both that you don't trust them, and that your site is potentially unsafe.