These thieves are Pros

You put iMacs in classrooms, lecture rooms, conference areas and business centers  because they’re attractive & capable, and because your clients like them. They're like money sitting in the open.

Security cables or plates will lock down computers, but thieves can rapidly sever cables or smash up furniture to which you tethered them. You hope it'll stop opportunistic thieves. And that might be true. But the people most likely to hit you are pros who scout, plan, and bring tools.

Defensive measures alone aren't enough.

Thieves Fear Noise

They want to blend with the floor.
 They don't want you to NOTICE them.
Recall when they were there.
Who they were.
What they looked like. 

How it Works

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1. Apply

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2. Attach

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3. Capture

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4. Plug in

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5. Lock

What triggers it:


Where our Standard Sensor won't suit, Anchor Point will.

Security that's Pretty

Cables just look ugly.
Ugly doesn't stop thieves.

LONG Battery Life

Likely you might  never need replace it.

ONE key

iMacs, PC's, projectors, televisions.
Whatever your device.
However long the time span of your installs.
One common security solution.
One key. 


We stock replacement plates for every alarm model we've ever made.


Anti-theft alarms / locks that stop theft of TVs, projectors, and computers / PCs / iMacs

We make small LOUD anti-theft alarms that thwart, frustrate, and stop theft of TV's / televisions, projectors and PCs / computers / iMacs. Sonic Shock anti-theft alarms are deployed by commercial users world wide – universities, colleges, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, business centers, and community centers. Sonic Shock anti-theft alarms are not only proven more effective than locks, cables, or tie downs, they also spare your site from unsightly cables, locks, or chains that tell your customers both that you don't trust them, and that your site is potentially unsafe.